Mcintosh Range

McIntosh Farm Machinery manufactures agricultural machines including Forage Wagons, Tip Trailers, Manure Spreaders, and Bale Feeders for New Zealand and Australia.

McIntosh Farm Machinery has been designing and manufacturing quality farm and agricultural machinery throughout New Zealand and Australia for over 60 years. McIntosh Farm Machinery is known for its engineering, innovation, strength and performance, making our products long lasting and reliable. McIntosh Farm Machinery products include:

  • Forage Wagons (Silage Wagon/Feedout Wagon)
  • Tip Trailers
  • Manure Spreaders (Muck Spreader)
  • Bale Feeders
  • Beater Wagons
  • Manure Spreaders

Here at McIntosh we pride ourselves on the strength of our farm machinery, clever engineering, and outstanding back up service. With over 60 years in the business we know how to make great farm machinery and we only provide products to trusted dealers throughout New Zealand and Australia.